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Maui restaurants are a ideal places to visit when looking to expand your palette. The island is home to a wide range of gourmet restaurants, which boast the best of authentic Hawaiian and fusion cuisines. From Asian Pacific to French, Hawaiian Regional to Italian, there is something from a new menu for everyone to taste.

Maui Restaurants and the Luau Experience

If you are looking for a full experience while dining, a traditional Hawaiian luau is sure to be a memorable affair. Guests are invited to enjoy a meal consisting of authentic Hawaiian dishes while the traditions of Maui come alive in front of them through song and dance. Luaus are never complete without Kalua roast pork, where a whole pig is roasted in an underground oven known as an Imu pit. Poi, or ground taro, is another staple of Hawaiian cuisine; it is a sweet-tasting paste that is normally served with rice and beef at luaus. Mahi-Mahi is another beloved food of the Hawaiian people and is used in many traditional appetizers.

Delectable Hawaiian Desserts

Some Hawaii’s most delicious traditional desserts are made in Maui. Incorporating the tropical ingredients found on the island, many of these desserts include macadamia nuts, coconuts, bananas, chocolate, pineapple, and so many other mouth-watering treats.

Spirits of Maui

Maui is home to some of the most inventive, colorful, and delightful cocktails in the islands. Try your hand at a recipe or chat with the island's most charming mixologists as they craft refreshing, unique and signature beverages while you enjoy the sunset.

You are sure to find your next favorite food or spirit on the island of Maui.