Episode 2: Lahaina History Part 2


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Episode 2: Lahaina History Part 2

Aloha, and welcome to second episode of The Maui Online podcast, where we continue our historical look at Lahaina on Maui’s westside, from the Missionary Era to modern day Lahaina town. 

Thanks once again to Theo Morrison and the Lahaina Restoration Foundation for taking the time to talk with us. During this talk story, we look back at the Old Courthouse and Banyan Tree Park, discuss Dwight Baldwin’s impact on Lahaina, and reflect on what makes Front Street such a unique spot on Maui. You’re sure to discover something you never knew about the island’s bustling westside hub.

For instance, did you know that there used to be a fort where the courthouse now stands? Did you know that the Banyan Tree was almost cut down? Do you know who actually started preserving the town’s history? Theo Morrison discusses this and lots more during this episode.

You can find out more about Lahaina and its history by visiting lahainarestoration.org. Consider going on one of their historic walking tours if you’re here on Maui, and see these historic sites firsthand – it’s really amazing.

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And of course, you can explore the island of Maui anytime by watching our 24/7 live stream of Maui Visitor Channel. And if you find yourself on the Valley Isle, check out the Maui Visitor Channel 130 on cable tv.

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