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From magicians who delight with the sleight of hand, to authentic Polynesian luaus, Maui offers top-notch entertainment that simply cannot be missed.

Maui Entertainment

Learn to hula dance and witness the history of Hawaii come alive before your eyes at a Luau, or take in a one-of-a-kind theatrical show, filled with legend and the history of the island. There are many attractions to discover here in the paradise that is Maui.

Traditional Luaus of Maui

King Kamehameha II started the tradition of the modern-day Luau in 1819. Men and women feasted together for the first time under his rule, as this was something that was not done in the past. The name "luau" was actually derived from the most popular dish at these feasts - chicken and the young, tender leaves of the taro plant are baked together in coconut milk. This is a dish that is still enjoyed at luaus today, and it is eaten with one’s fingers as tradition dictates. Guests are invited to sit on luahalas, or floor mats, around tables decorated with elaborate native flowers and adorned with delicious fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, and various other dishes. Luaus are where the hula dance became infamous, as well as Polynesian fire knife dancing and traditional songs. They are enjoyed year-round by visitors to the island and locals at the large resorts, but the occasions of a child’s first birthday and high school graduation are the typical major luau celebrations for the natives.

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