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Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to snorkel or a quiet place to read a good book with your toes in the sand, look no further than the breathtaking beaches of Maui. With over 120 beaches, Maui is bound to have the perfect place for you to have a great experience.

South Maui Beaches

Southern Maui is home to the widest variety of beaches. Ma’alaea, also known as Sugar Beach, is a calmer place more suitable for beach walking. This lovely four-mile stretch of white sand beach received its nickname because of the soft texture of the sand, making it fine enough to walk barefoot on. Kamaole Beach in Kihei is another area for a perfect and calm beach day. With mild wind and water conditions, this beach is perfect for families with children of all ages. Keawakapu Beach is said to be among the island’s most romantic beaches. Couples come here to stroll hand in hand along its long stretch of golden sand, or to watch a beautiful sunset. Similar tranquil beaches are Wailea Beach, Makena, Big Beach, and Little Beach.

North Maui Beaches

If you're looking for adventure, the northern beaches of Maui are for you. Although beautiful, they tend to be a bit wilder than the serene coast of the East. Located alongside the Hana Highway, Ho’okipa Beach Park is a mecca for thrill-seeking visitors. Enormous waves and gnarly surf make this a windsurfer’s paradise. When conditions are prime, you can watch some of the world’s top talents launch themselves into aerial loops and tricks through the mountainous waves. The latest trendy sport is kite surfing – this dynamic new water sport is the hottest activity around right now. Baldwin Beach is where the locals like to get together and play their favorite sports. Complete with barbeques, picnic tables, and a full time lifeguard, this beach is perfect for families that want to spend the day together.

East Maui Beaches

The beaches on the eastern side of Maui may be a little bit out of the way, but well worth the drive. Located right off the Hana Highway is Wainapanapa Beach and Wainapanapa State Park – a beach filled with stunning black sand, wild twisted foliage, lava caves, tubes, and sculpted rocks. It may rarely be calm, but the snorkeling and diving can be absolutely excellent. However, due to the absence of an outside reef to break the force of waves, swimming is possible, but the current can be rough. Located just outside of Hana is one of the most pristine beaches on the island, called Hamoa Beach. Its high cliffs, blend of black and white sand, and breathtaking setting truly creates a tropical paradise. The emerald green waters are protected on both sides of the beach, making it a haven for tranquility and relaxation.

West Maui Beaches

Western Maui is home to some of the island’s most beautiful and fun-filled beaches. There are many activities available for all ages, as well as a chance for peace and quiet for those looking to relax. Kapalua includes many of Maui’s top beaches. D.T. Flemings Beach Park is located here, where lifeguards, picnic tables, and many other beachside amenities are available, as well as water that is ideal for swimming, body surfing, or board surfing. Kapalua Beach has been praised as one of Maui’s most beautiful beaches, and is truly the picturesque beach visitors flock to Maui for. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also favorite activities here. Just south of Kapalua is Naplili Bay, where novice snorkelers and expert ocean adventurers alike enjoy the great swimming. Kaanapali Beach is famous for Black Rock, a volcanic cliff, where brave visitors enjoy the thrill of diving in the water from the cliff’s edge. Bright tropical fish, sea turtles, and lively corals are abundant at Black Rock, as well as the beginning of the beach walk of Kaanapali. The beach parks of Lahaina, such as Puamana Beach County Park and Wahikuli State Park, are ideal for families looking to hang out and soak up the sun