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Lahaina is a charming seaside town with a rich and colorful past that can be explained through a kamaaina, or “talk story.” Today, Lahaina is a one of the most renowned vacation destinations in the world.

The History of Lahaina

Once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Lahaina quickly became a popular stop for whalers. By the mid-1800’s, it was the center of the whaling world; it was not unusual to see as many as 400 ships anchored offshore. During that time, Lahaina was also a haven for missionaries from New England who came to convert the revelers and “settle” this small, rebellious town.

Lahaina Today

Lahaina has been everything from a royal capital to a whaling boomtown, and now a world-famous visitor attraction. The local harbor has become a favorite spot for local surfers, while international cruise ships also dock here to allow their touring passengers to come ashore for a day of sightseeing and shopping. While strolling down the streets of Lahaina, you are immersed in a abundance of outdoor marketplaces, arts and crafts, jewelry stores, clothing, boutiques, and dozens of t-shit shops.

Lahaina is also the restaurant capital of the island, boasting over 30 different restaurants and eateries that offer a variety of cuisines and settings. From family-style pizzerias to classic seafood houses, Pacific Rim bistros to themed restaurants, Lahaina has it all. Guests are welcome to visit an authentic, world-renowned luau or stage performance.