Episode 4: Labor of Love with Amy Wakingwolf


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In this special Labor Day podcast, we talked with artist, glass blower, jewelry maker, and sea turtle protector Amy Wakingwolf about her personal labor of love – volunteering with Hawaii Wildlife Fund to help watch sea turtle nests, clean up Maui’s beaches, and educate people about why Hawaii’s land and ocean environment is worth protecting. Amy’s labor of love involves a combination of social activism, volunteerism, artistic expression, and jewelry making all centered around Hawaii’s sea turtles.

In this far ranging talk story episode, Amy discusses how she got involved with Hawaii Wildlife Fund, and what her personal connection is with Hawaii’s honu. Amy also discusses the dangers of plastics in our oceans and trash on our beaches and coastal areas, and her efforts to clean up Maui’s near shore environment. We talk about future plans to open up a marine discovery center on Maui’s west side in Kaanapali, and she explains her inspiration behind her popular Honu Collection jewelry line, and how creating sea turtle jewelry brought all of her passions together into one amazing life calling.

And wrapped up in all of the conversation are some fascinating facts about Hawaii’s honu. For instance, did you know that a vast majority of green sea turtles don’t lay eggs here on Maui, but instead 800 miles away in the Northern Hawaiian Islands?! Amy is a wealth of information about honu, and provides listeners with even more inpsiration and information on how we all can get involved and have a positive impact on honu, and all ocean life throughout Hawaii.

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