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Maui is known as “The Valley Isle” thanks to the large flatland that separates two volcanoes, and bridges the east and west sides of the island. Between these volcanoes, Kahului is nestled in the valley.

History of Kahului

When the sugarcane industry emerged in the 1860’s, Kahului was centered entirely around its harbor. The first railroad was built on the island, The Kahului Railroad Company, was completed in 1897 and carried sugar and pineapples from Wailuku to the wharfs. Kahului quickly became the lifeline of the island. Built in 1926, the last pineapple cannery in the United States was located in the center of Kahului, and at its peak, produced 60 million cans of fruit per year.

Outdoor shopping, swap meets, and farmer’s markets are also very popular on the weekends.