Episode 1: Introducing the NEW Maui Online Podcast


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Aloha, and welcome to Maui Online’s very first podcast. My name is Dan O’Brien. That’s right, this is episode number one of what we hope to be many more talk story segments all about the island of Maui – from history and culture to what’s happening around the island today. The premise is simple – I find the most interesting members of our community – and believe me, there are many to choose from – and I talk story with them to learn something new about Maui. And hopefully in the process you, the listener, learns something new as well!

For this very first episode, I was lucky enough to sit down with Theo Morrison, Executive Director of the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, to explore Lahaina’s fascinating history. During an expansive interview with Theo, we explored everything Lahaina, beginning with its history as the capital of the Hawaiian Monarchy, through the whaling and missionary eras, the sugar cane era, all the way to the present day tourism era. The interview was held inside the Master’s Reading Room, an echoey upstairs area where you can almost feel the history of the space.

The Lahaina Restoration Foundation is at the center of efforts to preserve and protect Lahaina’s amazing history, and they’re considered by many to be a deep well of knowledge when it comes to Lahaina’s past. So I took advantage of my time with Theo and touched on topics throughout Lahaina’s history. This first episode has us talking story about pre-contact Lahaina, Moku’ula and Lahaina’s history as the capital of the Hawaiian Monarchy, and the whaling and missionary eras.

So, from the Master’s Reading Room at the Baldwin House Museum in Lahaina, here’s episode one of the Maui Online podcast

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