Virtual Visits

About Virtual Visits

Visit with one of our expert neighborhood providers using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. No need to leave home, spend time in the car, or sit in a waiting room. Virtual Visits are offered across all AFM clinics, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Set up a Virtual Visit for:

  • Non-emergent urgent care services
  • Primary care appointments
  • New patient appointments

Unsure about Virtual Visits? See solutions to common questions here.

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New to AFM? Fill out these forms before your virtual visit:
Notice of Privacy Practices   |   Consent to Treat

How to Get Started?

Our Virtual Visits are for patients of any age; however, those under 18 must have a legal guardian present at the time of their Virtual Visit. Every patient (regardless of age) must also have a My Health Connection account. Our clinical staff can guide you through how to register your child.

We’ve done our best to make Virtual Visits as simple and user-friendly as possible. To participate in a Virtual Visit, you will need access to a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a camera and microphone. You must also have a My Health Connection account and access to a strong internet or WiFi connection. Here are some other tips and tricks from our AFM providers to make sure your technology doesn’t get in the way during your appointment.

We will bill your insurance for virtual visit services. Legislation has been passed in order to allow for more use of telehealth during the COVID-19 crisis. However, we cannot guarantee what coverage will be with each insurance plan. We highly encourage reaching out to your insurance to get clarity on what your benefits will cover. If you do not have insurance, give us a call to learn more about your payment options.

We are accepting new patients and can accommodate initial appointments through Virtual Visits. Call (970) 495-6234 to schedule yours today. Our clinical staff will guide you through the registration process. You must be in the state of Colorado to schedule a virtual new patient appointment with AFM.

Fill out these forms before your Virtual Visit:

Notice of Privacy Practices   |   Consent to Treat

Virtual Visits Step by Step

Schedule an appointment

Call (970) 495-6234 to schedule your Virtual Visit. Our clinical staff will evaluate whether a Virtual Visit is the right fit for your specific care needs and assist you in the scheduling process.

New to AFM? Fill out these forms before your virtual visit
Notice of Privacy Practices   |   Consent to Treat

Get confirmation

We will send you a reminder notification of your appointment up to two days before your scheduled Virtual Visit. Now that you have your appointment, review our tips and tricks on how to ensure a successful Virtual Visit.

Check in with My Health Connection

Use the UCHealth app or a web browser to complete the brief check-in process.

Attend your Virtual Visit

Log in to your My Health Connection account 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Select your appointment and click “Begin visit.” You will be entered into the virtual room. At the time of your appointment, a member of our clinical staff will enter the room to ensure the video and sound quality is functioning properly and confirm your updated medical information. Your provider will enter the virtual room shortly thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about AFM virtual visits

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How do I schedule a virtual visit?

If you are interested in a virtual visit, first call your AFM office to ensure that you meet the technical and clinical requirements for an appropriate virtual visit. If you are eligible, our staff will assist in scheduling your appointment. Anyone with a fever, cough, or shortness of breath should call the (970) 495-6234.

What can I be seen for with a virtual visit?

To comply with the Stay-at-Home Order, our providers are utilizing virtual visits to see all types of visits that do not require a physical exam. Some common exceptions to virtual visits include OB/postpartum checks, well child checks for infantes 0-24 months, immedaite procedures (i.e., cast placement/removal).  In some instances, your provider may request a lab test or sample in which you would need to come in for a brief time with a nurse or phlebotomist following the visit. In other instances, your visit may not be appropriate to be completed virtually. If this is the case, your provider will ask you to come into the clinic and you will not be charged for your virtual visit. 

What browser works best for a virtual visit?

We recommend using Chrome if you are using a laptop to complete your virtual visit. 

Is my computer or phone better for a virtual visit?

You may use your smartphone, a tablet or a laptop for a virtual visit. We recommend using your smartphone through the UCHealth (My Health Connection) app for the best experience. 

What browser/app should I use if I use my phone?

If you are using your phone, you must use the UCHealth app for complete your virtual visit. 

How can I sign up for a My Health Connection account?

You may register for a My Health Connection account here.

Is my medical information secure?

Yes. Your virtual visit is HIPAA compliant, therefore all personal health information you share is secure and protected. 

I don't have insurance. Can I still use the virtual visit service?

Yes! We will bill you a flat rate of $50 for a virtual visit. 

What do I do if I have technical issues during my virtual visit?

If you have technical issues during your virtual visit, you may use the chat option in the virtual room to communicate that with your provider. We will also call you should we lose connection or if we’re unable to hear/see you to assist you in troubleshooting. 

Can my child have a virtual visit with their provider?

Yes. However, a legal guardian is required to be present during the visit. The child will need to have their own My Health Connection account, and you will need to request proxy access through My Health Connection before the virtual visit. Learn more about proxy access and get started here.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you need to cancel your appointment, you will need to call your provider’s office. We request you cancel any appointment no less than 24 hours in advance. 

Can I schedule a virtual visit on My Health Connection?

You cannot schedule a virtual visit with an AFM provider through My Health Connection. You must call or speak with your provider in the clinic to schedule. 

I'm not an AFM patient. Can I still have a virtual visit with AFM?

Yes! We are always glad to see new patients, even over a virtual visit. Please note that a new patient virtual visit might be different than an in-person new patient visit. Click here to find a provider that you connect with. New or non-AFM patients can also schedule a virtual urgent care visit. New patients must be in the state of Colorado to schedule a virtual visit.

I am outside of Colorado. Can I still schedule a virtual visit with my provider?

Yes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary restriction shave been lifted and patients that are not currently in Colorado are still able to schedule a virtual visit with their provider.

What is the difference between a Virtual Visit and a Virtual Urgent Care Visit?

If you would like to see your primary care provider (PCP), you can schedule a same-day virtual visit. This visit may look a little different than your normal in-person appointment but don’t worry, you will still get to see and talk to the provider you know and trust.

If you need quick access to a provider but don’t need to come into a clinic, it is perfect situation for a virtual urgent care visit. You can quickly chat with a provider same-day and get what you need out of the appointment. 

When should I be seen in person instead of virtually?

Our Virtual Visits are designed to accommodate both primary care and urgent care needs. Call (970) 495-6234, and our clinical staff will determine if a Virtual Visit is right for you. If not, we will recommend another option for care. Some services, such as lab work, X-rays, and immunizations, will require an in-person visit.

If you or a person you are with has a life-threatening illness, serious injury, or conditions such as chest pain, severe abdominal pain, head trauma, or lack of consciousness, go to your nearest emergency care location.

Are you still offering classes?

Yes. Although many of our classes have been cancelled, we are offering two virtual classes: Living with Anxiety during COVID-19 and Thriving with Diabetes. To learn more, please visit our classes page.

Call to Schedule a Virtual Appointment
or Virtual Urgent Care Visit

New to AFM? Fill out these forms before your virtual visit:
Notice of Privacy Practices   |   Consent to Treat